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Compact and manoeuvrable - dynamic performance, with large payload capacities: For every challenging task there is a DIMOS product that provides a competent, customized and cost-effective solution!

The robust range of DIMOS vehicles provide high performance and energy efficiency, both indoors and out! This is due to their high-quality AC electrical technology, as well as other outstanding properties, such as very low overall height.

You can rely on DIMOS vehicles to meet your demands for providing smooth and superior service on a daily basis - that's our motivation! DIMOS products are characterised by reliability, solid quality and excellent workmanship. This means you can focus on your core processes. 

To ensure your sustainability and profitability, we apply the principles of low running costs, minimum down-time and innovative security features, to name but a few.

Try us - tell us your requirements and we'll work with you to find a solution!

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DIMOS has significant experience of providing equipment solutions, even in areas of the world with extreme weather conditions.


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Huge space savings & increase in your storage capacity

Due to their compact design and superb manoeuvrability, DIMOS products are extremely flexible. They can deliver higher handling performance through time savings. They also increase your storage capacity by best utilisation of space, thereby reducing your costs.

Huge space savings & increase in your storage capacity

Multi-way Steering

  • Multi-way means flexible handling
  • It's an electronic programmable multi directional steering system
  • Automatic pre-selection of direction of travel
  • Automatic steering programmes for straight, sideways, circular and diagonal travel
  • Optical steering programme display
  • Total mobility
  • Millimetre-precise control
  • Minimal turning radius, the pivot point is the vehicle mid-point (360°)
  • Electronic parking brake