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Our Products

The latest technology!

All DIMOS products incorporate the latest advances and developments in technology. High performance - reliability - low maintenance!

DIMOS products are used worldwide, indoors and out, and have proven themselves in locations with the most extreme climatic conditions - from the icy Arctic to the hot and humid Tropics.

AC power – lower service costs!

Service costs are hidden costs. Over the lifetime of the product they can turn the initial purchase price into an expensive investment. DIMOS focuses its attention on quality and engineering, on the selection of durable and resilient materials.

Modern AC power technology is low maintenance and largely reduces the need for parts that are subject to wear. Our powerful DIMOS AC drives guarantee outstanding performance – even on ramps and inclines.

Hybrid drives – a combination of electric and diesel engine

  • Longer operating times
  • Option to use either
    diesel engine or battery drive

Huge space savings & increase in your storage capacity

Due to their compact design and superb manoeuvrability, DIMOS products are extremely flexible. They can deliver higher handling performance through time savings. They also increase your storage capacity by best utilisation of space, thereby reducing your costs.

Huge space savings & increase in your storage capacity

High performance
differential drives

You get many advantages with the newly developed DIMOS twin drive:

  • Low floor loading with heavy consignments – protects your floor and road surfaces
  • Ideal for outdoors use
  • Reduced abrasion

Service-friendly utilisation of components

Here too DIMOS is focused on cost-effectiveness. The modular service components are arranged in a way that guarantees speedy and smooth handling.

Operation indoors & outside

DIMOS provides the optimum level adjustment – sparing on components and taking full account of operator health and safety. Level adjustment is via pendulum frames, power bags or other innovative designs, and DIMOS matches the solution to the particular field of application and ground conditions.

Multi-way Steering

  • Multi-way means flexible handling
  • It's an electronic programmable multi directional steering system
  • Automatic pre-selection of direction of travel
  • Automatic steering programmes for straight, sideways, circular and diagonal travel
  • Optical steering programme display
  • Total mobility
  • Millimetre-precise control
  • Minimal turning radius, the pivot point is the vehicle mid-point (360°)
  • Electronic parking brake
Multi-way Steering

Advantages of electrically powered trucks

  • Ecologically friendly
  • No exhaust fumes in the plant
  • No exhaust regulations to be adhered to
  • No soiling of the goods with soot
  • Quieter – healthier conditions for your workforce

More cost-effective:

  • lower maintenance costs
  • increased operating times with reduced life-cycle costs
  • efficiency – the cost of electricity is significantly lower than fuel costs

No refuelling. Batteries are your only future fuel need.

Charging batteries overnight generally leads to even lower energy costs.

Electrically powered loaders are very compact and easy to manoeuvre
Fast battery changes

Well designed, customized solutions to your specific requirements

  • High reach
  • Heavy loads
  • Long goods – all sizes of boards and pallets can be handled
  • Cover the work of different machines with one loader and save costs:
    • Warehouse operations
    • Loading and unloading lorries
    • Pick-and-place assembly

Warehouse Planning Support

We always aim to come up with the product that exactly matches your needs and desires. We want to guarantee you maximum operational efficiency.

We can also advise on the various guidance systems for narrow aisle warehousing solutions.

Decorate the loader in your company colours

At no additional cost you can choose to specify the RAL colour of your choice.

Customized cabin layout

It is important to us that your operators feel good about DIMOS. The operator is using the equipment for hours at a time, over many weeks and months a year. He or she is the interface to your goods - your products. When the operator is comfortable and has at his/her disposal the tools that allow

speedy and efficient working, smooth and gentle handling of the goods and, above all, a working environment that promotes good health, then this will also reflect in the economic efficiency of your company.

We therefore offer the following options:

  • Free choice as to cabin dimensions
  • Control panel fitted to meet your requirements
  • Cabin design and features to your own specifications
  • Free choice as to arrangement of operating controls

Security Consultancy

We can advise and support you in the protection of storage aisles in your warehouse. There are also insurance matters that need to be considered.

Quality and Service

DIMOS guarantees you the highest level of quality by uniformly maintaining top-notch standards. The competence and innovative strengths we have built up over decades are brought to bear in developing solutions tailored to your precise requirements.

24-Hour Parts Replacement (within Germany)

Using TNT Innight we can ensure you receive a reliable replacement parts service.

Personnel Training

On site training and induction of your personnel can be arranged on request. This ensures safe, care-free and effective operation of DIMOS products.