Heben – Fördern – Laden

Philosophy and Vision

The DIMOS Philosophy

Compelling product quality and reliability of service are the bedrock of our company. Our family-run business has enjoyed many years of success based on particular values, which shape the working relationships within the company and are the prerequisites for our collaborative and effective customer relations:

  • mutual respect, straightforwardness and predictability.
  • our thanks and recognition go to our workforce, without whose loyalty, dedication and creativity our company's success would not be possible.
  • we strive to cultivate an open dialogue with our customers, suppliers and workforce and to formulate clear common objectives.

We are constantly raising our standards, in order to meet our customers' needs and to match the growing demands made on people and materials. We also apply continuous improvement techniques, so that we can best support our customers with solutions that:

  • meet specific requirements
  • prioritise safety and environmental protection
  • are cost-effective and –
  • last, but not least, take into consideration the wishes and needs of the operator.


Proprietors and Executive Directors, Hanna and Alfred Schütz, put it this way: “In warehouse logistics cost-effectiveness, cost-saving and efficient use of available storage capacity are inseparably linked with the classic requirements placed on forklifts and loaders”. Now in the 3rd generation, we still successfully follow this philosophy, which finds its roots in history with co-founder Dieter Modrey.

Our vision is for sustainable development of our family-run business, for alignment of our enterprise culture to “challenge and support” and, not least, for constant efforts to convince our customers and to support them successfully. We can do this best with solutions specifically tailored to their requirements.

We meet our customers' needs by providing thoroughly reliable quality, innovative solutions, flexibility and adherence to delivery dates.

DIMOS products will be optimised for every set of customer requirements. We always supply comprehensive solutions aligned to demands and the respective field of application.

Our quality is underwritten by low-maintenance design, robust service-friendly manufacture, use of reputable suppliers and the employment of highly qualified personnel, who undergo continuous training.